About Us

POWER TALKIE team specialize in the design, development and manufacture of innovative,mutifunction and pratical communications solutions for outdoor,security industry,construction undustry,travel industry, major events & conference, emergency situation,worship gathering, etc. 

Mr. H Sun, who used to be the leader of a senior engineering team from the top Chinese own electronic company at that time, started up the business with a goal of creating a centre of excellence for the product quality and design of POWER TALKIE to serve the globe. From the outset, POWER TALKIE was based on the provision of uncompromising quality; this philosophy became an enduring driver of SRAE.

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Centralized communications sometimes put lives and livelihoods at risk. In a reality that must soon contend with hundreds of billions of connected things. Power Talkie is advancing universal access to connectivity by building the world’s most intelligent and scalable self-built network.

Our protocols and devices are designed to enable off-grid communication,such as message,voice,real time talking and group talking. Paired with phones or integrated into any device or machine, Power Talkie can turn everything in the world around us into programmable mobile infrastructure.

Power Talkie enabling technology extends the edge of connectivity and unlocks new applications, just in time for the future.