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Power Talkie:travel walkie talkie

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Wireless Tour Guide System/Whisper Audio Guide System/walkie talkie for travel

✅Off-Network Communication ✅Real Time SMS, Talk, Recording & Group Chat ✅Map Sharing ✅Up to 5K meter Range ✅6000 mAh Power Bank ✅100% Waterproof ✅No Monthly Fees ✅SOS

  • Economical solution and easy to operate yourself
  • Customizable for Global free frequency license
  • One-key Receivers channel synchronisation function
  • 5Km range from each other
  • Encrytion algorithm,no need to change channels by yourself
  • 6000mAh power bank enable people charging for their phone.
  • Free to talk even without signal or network
  • guide system for walking tour tour guide system for walking