Power talkie:Newest off grid communication device to peer phone for outddoor enthusiasts

Power talkie mesh network,power talkie vs gotenna vs redcat,

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One of the coolest technologies we've research and develop in a long time is the Power Talkie. Anyone who is serious about emergency preparedness should get a pair or two. Why?

Power Talkie allow message,voice,real time talking,group talking digitally without cellular services or Wifi. It’s pretty easy to use, and don't require a license to operate the way ham radio does.

Power Talkie is basically,in some point, a small portable cell tower ,peer phone,walkie talkie app..

Power Talkie powers a 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range mesh network. Pair this device to a phone or leave in strategic locations to relay communications from device to device. No towers, routers and satellites required.

peer phone walkie talkie app

What can it do?

  • Off-Grid Phone-to-Phone Connectivity: All you need is the app & a power talkie device,forget about route and cell tower
  • Private 1:1 & Group talking:message,voice,real time talking,emoji etc.
  • GPS Location Mapping: Free offline maps.
  • Secure Encryption: End-to-end privacy & no back-door.
  • Backup power your phone:6000mhA battery.best IP67 walkie talkie ,waterproof,peer phone,walkie talkie for kids

Why you need one

Using a handful of Power Talkie a community can setup a very powerful off-grid communication network that can cover an area of a few square miles within minutes. Nowadays cellphone is like an extra part of our body.What if is cell tower is not working?Decentralized self-created network is cheap, secure, and easy to deploy.It’s very necessary for everyone to prepare one for emergency,like fire,hurricane,network break.


Better than radio?

Compare to analog walkie talkie,power talkie is less message lost,some times the streaming voice of walkie talkie is really annoying,power talkie is very stable and quiet.frequency string--you won’t hear or be heard of other people’s conversation,it’s pretty privacy choice.

Compare to the digital walkie talkie,it’s cheap and free to use without requirement for the license.Let along it’s power function.For get about the old walkie talkie,get the most advanced and modern Power Talkie!

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